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DATE: Saturday may 18th 2019

address: 8011 sw 127th avenue, miami, fl 33183

Time: First Session: 8:30am - 10:30 am

Second session: 6:30Pm - 8:30pm

VENUE: Kendal soccer park, miami

ONLY $99

Mission Statement: 

Welcome to our Soccer Smart USA Trials! We are excited to have you aboard! We believe that too many players are overlooked by the US soccer system today and not given a fair chance to continue playing. Our mission is to help players continue their careers at a high level overseas. Whether you are a college graduate looking to continue playing or a local player who was not scouted, Soccer Smart USA can help. We have many programs to help players succeed across the world including: USA, Spain,Gibraltar, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand. 


The trial is $99 USD per player. This cost is set to the very minimum for the trial. Understand, we would hold it for free but cannot due to prices of: facilities, equipment, planning and staff. SPACE IS LIMITED!


What to bring:

  • Cleats (Bring proper cleats for turf field/grass fields)

  • Shin guards

  • Water/Snacks

  • Signed and completed waiver

During the trial:

  1. Players will be placed in teams to play a full sided match and be evaluated. Team sheets will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please be sure to like us at: or or

  2. Warm up will begin thirty minutes prior to each game.

  3. It is highly recommended that each player does a cool down after the game to reduce risk of injury.

  4. Any questions or concerns DURING THE TRIAL contact: +1 210 610 5407.

**NOTE: If a player is late or misses their time slot, Soccer Smart staff will try to accommodate them but be aware it may result in less playing time. 

After the trial:

Players will be emailed within 5 days of the trial regarding their play and next steps. One or more of the following can happen:

  1. Players are offered representation with Soccer Smart.

  2. Players are offered representation onto our Australian Program.

  3. Players are offered an invitation to our Spanish Academy.

  4. Players are emailed notifying they are not yet ready.


Commonly asked questions:

  1. Who is Soccer Smart?

    1. Proven track record: Based in the U.K., we have been helping players achieve their dream of playing overseas at the next level for over 7 years. Although nothing is guaranteed, we do boast a 100% success rate in placing our signed players with a team.. We mainly deal with 2nd tier – 4th tier teams.

    2. REAL opportunities: We have placed 800+ players across the world including: USA, Sweden, England, Spain, Gibraltar, Australia and New Zealand.

    3. Transparent: We don’t beat around the bush. We’re extremely transparent with the programs as well as our players.

    4. We care about the player: We care about player’s careers. We’ve had players approach us in the past to place them but turned them around and directed them another way because they had better options.

    5. Video editing: Upon joining Soccer Smart, we professionally edit videos and CVs to make them more appealing to coaches.

  2. What are the programs about?

    1. Australia Program: Our elite Australia program offers a direct contract into the game. With connections of 1000+ coaches/scouts we are able to directly place our players with clubs. We guarantee at very MINIMUM: professional video editing, 1 month of food and accommodation paid for, pick up and drop off from the airport, walking players step by step through the process

    2. Spanish Academy: Based in the sunshine capital of the world, Alicante, Spain, is a perfect spot to play in Europe. Our academy boasts: full time soccer, games every weekend, coached by an ex-La Liga coach and currently a 54% success rate of players going on trial, offered a contract, or developed enough to be invited on the Australian program.

  3. Do you provide transportation to and from the hotel?

    1. No. Transportation must be accommodated by the player.

  4. What color socks, shorts, shirt should I wear?

    1. Black or white socks, shorts and shirts should be worn.

  5. Should I bring water/snacks?

    1. Yes, bring enough water for 3 hours.

  6. How old do I need to be to attend?

    1. Players must be at least 18 years of age to attend alone. Players under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian present as well to sign a waiver.

  7. Am I too old to sign a contract?

    1. If you are talented enough and perform well, you will have an opportunity. We have placed players of all ages up to age thirty.

to sign up, pay here, then complete the below form

Soccer Smart Miami Trials

Contact Details:

If you have any questions or concerns please send us a direct email at:
We can be reached by phone as well at: +1 210 610 5407

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