2019 Success Stories

Uriel Macias.jpg

Uriel Macias
“Just happy to be here.” These words ring true today as Uriel now finds himself playing in the NPL in Australia. After a great time at NCAA Division 1 school, Uriel found his first professional contract with Colorado Switchbacks in the USL Championship. After a year, Uriel was dropped from the team where his soccer career was halted. Just a short 1 month after reaching out to Soccer Smart USA, he was found a team quickly and now finds himself playing full 90 minutes abroad. #PlayAbroad

Garrett Matacale
Garrett reigns from an NCAA division 3 college, Austin College where he did not win any awards but proved to be a technical player with Soccer Smarts both on and off the ball. After attending our Soccer Smart San Antonio trials, Garrett turned heads and impressed scouts with his technique and vision. “There were quality players here, I would 100% recommend these trials to a friend.” The Dallas native now finds himself playing in an NPL side in Melbourne! #PlayAbroad

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David Warburton
“I like the philosophy of Soccer Smart. Giving players the opportunity to be seen regardless where they started their career whether it be D1, D2 or D3 or didn’t play in college but have the talent.” David, a leader both on the field attended our Philadelphia trials and showed top professionalism. David is a simple player who leads by example from the back. Thank you for trusting in Soccer Smart USA with this once in a lifetime opportunity! #PlayAbroad

Frank Macias
Frank earned a contract with a 2nd tier team in Australia after attending Soccer Smart USA trials in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is what he had to say about Soccer Smart USA trials: “The competition is nice, it’s great to meet and play against players all across the US. I’ve tried trials in the US before but I didn’t feel it was for me. They were not really looking at the players, here the scouts are watching us all the time.” With no collegiate experience, Frank had stints in Mexico as a youth but no contract came to fruition. Afterwards, the Smart Player found himself playing NPSL with Dallas City. We want to congratulate Frank on his hard work and dedication as the Smart Player finds himself ready to #PlayAbroad.

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Trenton Whitely.jpg

Trenton Whitely
The quick and tricky winger graduated from Division 2 school Mercer College where he found himself with all conference selections many years. He also played NPSL with Tormenta FC. Trenton reached out to Soccer Smart USA as he had proved himself with hard work and determination; Soccer Smart gave him the chance to play in the prestigious Melbourne in the third tier at a great level. He finds himself doing well at the club and proves that playing the sport you love can bring you to beautiful places both physically and mentally. Soccer is a universal sport and leads to some of the creates connections, friends, experiences and relationships in a player’s lifetime. Traveling the world to do what you love is the definition of success! #PlayAbroad.

Chris Mendez
“Excited to announce that I have signed in the second division of New Zealand! I’m honored to continue my soccer career and be the 2nd American ever to play for the club! Thank you for Mom and Dad for being patient with me and the constant support throughout the process. Thank you Brittany Antoinette for always having me keep my feet on the ground when I need it most. Thank you to my trainers Chase Harris and Get Fast Inc. for pushing me to set new expectations every day. Lastly, thank you to Soccer Smart USA for making this journey possible and for all your guidance along the way.” Chris didn’t play NCAA college soccer but instead took a club route. After meeting with our consultants, Chris attended our San Antonio trials where he impressed and booked his ticket to New Zealand! #PlayAbroad

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Paul Milner.png

Paul Milner
Reaching out to Soccer Smart USA very late in the transfer window, we were able to find the 19 year old a quick contract placing him in the second tier abroad. The 6’ 3’’ center back shows talent in the air and composure in the back. Paul has this to say about Soccer Smart USA, “Australia is great so far. The level is high and I am fitting in well. Very thankful for Soccer Smart and their work.” Upon arrival Paul made head news within the City. He states, “We’re starting off focusing on the wins, being physical and my size along with leading by my play will help us win the championship.” #PlayAbroad

Lucio Peralta
”I love wishes that come true! I love when my plans become a reality! I lov when I dream, and the dreams happen. All my wishes, dreams and plans will eventually happen! I will work hard to make them happen!” Lucio has no collegiate experience, no USL2 experience but knows what the grind really means. After trying different avenues for many years in America, Lucio finally found his breakthrough with Soccer Smart USA. After proving himself in Spain, Lucio signed with Alicante City FC where he began scoring numerous goals. After his time, Lucio found himself poised for Australia where he signed in the second division. His team now is in the Round of 32 FFA cup where A-League teams are set! #PlayAbroad

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Toshiki Hatada.jpg

Toshiki Hatada
Toshiki is a player who came to Soccer Smart with no collegiate experience and tried different avenues here in the United States. Within a year, Soccer Smart was able to place him with a club on a direct contract. The tricky winger landed on the gold Coast and is ready to crush it in Australia! #PlayAbroad

Payden Pemberton
Payden came to Soccer Smart USA after graduating college and playing in the college world cup in Asia! Reigning from NCAA division 1 school Brigham Young University, Payden also played USL2 for two years. “I’m happy to be here, the level is great along with the country.” Payden’s team is now in round of 32 in the FFA Cup where A-League teams are now set. He’s made a huge impact with the club in the tournament as in only 4 games he has scored 5 goals and 4  assists.

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Brennan Joaquin.jpg

Brennan Joaquin
“Thank you for the opportunity Soccer Smart. I won’t let you down! Living the dream! I have sacrificed a lot for futbol. It’s not a love for the sport, it’s an obsession. I’m sorry for all the people I put second to the sport including my family; it’s selfish but the pain and struggle will be worth it.”
Breannan, what players should model their mindset after, came to Soccer Smart USA with experience playing at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. After spending time in Spain with Soccer Smart, Brennan was offered a contract in Australia in the second division. #PlayAbroad

Matthew Kurtz
“I thought I “vegemite” like this place. Please call me slim eminiem.” Matthew Kurtz has a very similar background to Payden Pemberton as they played college and the US Teipei college world cup together. Matt, a strong center back with vision, pace, technique, leadership and tranquility on the ball has all the assets to play at a very high level. #PlayAbroad

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Kyler Moore.jpeg

Kyler Moore
After finishing 4 years at the brand new program Evangel College, Kyler was the best at his school. Helping the program turn around upon his arrival, the captain helped lead the university to their first winning season. During the summer, Kyler played with NPSL outfit Demize Menace where after a very good season found himself invited to the NPSL combine where only 22 players from each region were called up. After playing well, Soccer Smart USA was impressed and Kyler finds himself off to #PlayAbroad.

Rashid Alarape
“I came into 2019 not happy with where I was. I promised myself that I would put my happiness first and truly enjoy this thing we call life. It has been a little over a month since I made the moe to Spain to reignite my playing career. It has been a tough transition, but through all, I’m enjoying the process and seeing personal growth. I’m excited to see what the future holds.” Rashid, the NCAA division 1 player with multiple all region and all conference awards found himself with no contract after college and pushed out of the soccer world. He came to us in confidence and we found Rashid a club within two weeks with prestigious Benidorm CD. #PlayAbroad

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Abdelhakim Ismail.jpg

Abdelhakim Ismael
No stranger to traveling, “Kimo” attended our Dallas trials. After impressing our staff, Kimo now finds himself signed in the third tier and has this to say, “the feeling of giving an assist is special. Thank you Soccer Smart USA for your help in finding me a full 7 month season.” He jokingly stated, ”the only reason I came to Australia was to take beach photos.” Half way the season he finds him team in 4th place in the second division on the Gold Coast. #PlayAbroad

Kenneth Perkinson
Coming to Soccer Smart USA after his NCAA career at Winthrop University, Kenneth now finds himself playing 2nd division NPL in Tasmania! The goalkeeper showed talents, fearlessness and leadership in the goal. He states, “I’m grateful to all of the people that have supported me in pursuing my soccer dreams. I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without y’alls love and support.” #PlayAbroad

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Chaim Roserie.jpeg

Chaim Roserie
What a year 2019 has been for Chaim! Having been identified by Soccer Smart USA, Chaim joined our Soccer Smart Academy in Spain before being signed by professional third-tier side CD Alcoyano. He later joined La Nucia and in 2019 helped the club to promotion by scoring in the playoffs. Later in the year he made his international debut for Saint Lucia in the CONCACAF Nations League.